Tuesday, 11 March 2014

EU & Russia – Hands off Ukraine!

With the serious events occurring in Ukraine it is necessary to break our usual silence on foreign matters, in so far as these events are relevant to all peoples of Europe. Irish MEP Paul Murphy is right to draw attention to the neo-imperialist designs of both Russia and the European Union in this situation:

"Working people in Ukraine are currently caught in a tug of war between the EU/NATO and Russia. They will be the victims of this great power game which treats these people simply as pawns. On the one hand, Russian imperialism considers the Ukraine as part of its traditional sphere of influence. On the other, the US and the EU have been driving an imperialist agenda with NATO in eastern Europe to incorporate the former Soviet bloc countries into an organised ‘Greater Europe’, with the adoption of the EU neo-liberal model. There is no question that NATO agents are currently on the ground trying to ensure a result in the interest of Western capitalism. One hundred years on from the outbreak of World War One, which saw millions of working class people slaughtered in a war over colonies and power, people across the world must today reject all drives towards conflict here."

The hypocrisy of the politicians knows no bounds: each rival administration complains of the aggressive nature of the other. Each 'bloc', while professing pacifism and goodwill, follows its own line in foreign policy. Noble talk about "democracy" and "the fight against fascism" aside, this is nothing other than a fight for influence and markets. The answer lies not in the EU, Russia or any other 'superpower' but in the self-determination and autonomy of peoples in Ukraine, as in Britain, Europe and the world!

Ukraine crisis: EU offers Kiev $700m in trade breaks

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