Monday, 27 January 2014

Towards A Decentralist Society

Neither Marxist nor Social Democrat, Autonomous England seeks to promote a new alternative for the people of England and the British Isles.

Our Socialist vision is that of decentralized society, based on voluntary association and participatory democracy, where we are organized in the workplace and in the community rather than in any centralist socialist state, which simply replaces one elite with another. Instead we advocate real power for ordinary people.

As such Autonomous England would like to encourage supporters to develop a wider influence of the movements, ideas, people and publications that inspire us.

Below is a list, of some of our main influences, please enjoy. More links will follow.

Inspiration and theory: ChartismLevellers, Diggers, Utopian socialism, Democratic socialismGuild socialism, Common Wealth Party, LocalismWorkerismAutonomismCommunalismLibertarian socialismLibertarian municipalismAnarcho-syndicalismCo-operative economicsSocial ecology, Paris Commune, Zapatistas.

People: William Morris, Robert Blatchford, William Cobbett, G.D.H. Cole Robert Owen Alfred Richard Orage, Edward Carpenter, George Orwell, R. H. Tawney, Hilaire Belloc, Jack London, Murray Bookchin, Albert Camus, Mikhail BakuninE.F. Schumacher, Georges Sorel, Herbert Read.

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  1. You have an excellent list of inspirational sources. It is good to connect with someone who understands the true meaning of socialism, as opposed to the media distortion.